Introducing the DriBot: Your Ultimate Home Flood Prevention Solution

At DriBot, we're dedicated to shielding you from water damage, find out how we've integrated multi-level redundancy into our system.

Triple Pump System

Experience the power of triple protection with our DriBot system. We've tripled the number of pumps because, in an emergency, redundancy matters. 

Don't leave your home's safety to chance, pump failure is a leading cause of floods – trust in the reliability of our three pumps to ensure you're always protected.

Wi-Fi & Cellular Alarms

Wi-Fi is great, but it doesn't work during power loss. 

That's why DriBot utilizes Wi-Fi with optional cellular backup service. In the case of power loss or spotty Wi-Fi, you can be confident that you will always receive important alerts. 

*Subscription Required 

Basin Level Control

DriBot's extremely sensitive pressure sensor will always know the precise water level of your sump basin. When the water reaches start / stop points, DriBot will automatically start / stop your sump pumps, keeping your home dry. 

Dual Backup Float Switches

In the event that the water level pressure sensor would ever fail, the backup float switches can take charge. For peace of mind, the redundancy of DriBot's controls exceeds most industrial and municipal pump control systems. With DriBot, you can trust you have the best protection available.

Power Monitoring

DriBot will notify you if your home experiences power loss. DriBot provides the option to connect up to two backup batteries that will kick on to keep your sump pumps running smoothly. Then DriBot will alert you when the power is restored.

Dual Backup Batteries

Failed backup batteries are one leading cause of home flooding. DriBot supports the option to connect up to two, long-lasting, dual backup batteries that are capable of pumping all three sump pumps at full-capacity if needed. *Batteries must be purchased separately.

Interested in purchasing a DriBot?

DriBot is currently sold exclusively to Cobblestone Homes, located in Central Michigan. If you are interested in a custom luxurious home built by Cobblestone Homes please visit their site here.  If you would like more information, please contact us.