Common Leaks Found in the Home


Indoor plumbing is a modern marvel, providing running water to an entire house. But with an increase in running water comes an increase chance in appliances and pipes springing a leak. Between potential extra costs on your water bill and expensive water damage, it’s well worth your time to regularly check for leaks. Below are common places in the home to check. 

Faucet - The tell-tale drip, drip, drip of a leaky faucet is a story most home-owners have experienced. But it’s not just the faucet that can leak. Be sure the check the pipes under all of your sinks for standing water or signs of water damage. Don’t forget your tubs and showers have faucets too. 

Toilet - Toilet tanks can build up scale and gum up their innerworkings, causing the toilet to run. Listen for signs of running water or pay attention to how long your toilet takes to refill to determine if something may need fixing in the tank. Be sure to also check for signs of water damage around the base of the toilet too, as the seal to the floor can become weak. 

Washing Machine and Dishwasher - Two of the biggest time saving appliances in the home, washing machines and dishwashers can also be the cause of water damage. Check for wet spots around the floor of both. 

Hot Water Heater - An often forgotten source of leaks is the hot water heater. If your heater has a tray under it, check it for excess water. There are also water detector sensors that will let you know if a leak is detected. 

Sump Pit - If you have a home with a basement, chances are you have a sump pit. Blockages, build up, and broken/damaged pumps can lead to your sump pit overflowing. Be sure to check your sump pit for signs of excess dirt or damage. You can learn how to clean your sump pit here.  

Water running throughout the house is a welcomed convince, but it can come with its issues. Luckily DriBot is on a mission to help prevent water damage by addressing the common reasons home flood. Combining regular leak checks with DriBot’s triplex pump system, full operation during power loss with optional backup batteries, and notifications* if any sump pump issue is detected, your home can enjoy running water with peace of mind.
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Common Leaks Found in the Home
OmniSite, Lydia Ward October 10, 2023
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