Triplex Pump System


Making Floods a Problem of the Past

Home flooding is a major issue that causes home builders and homeowners thousands of dollars. When we set out to solve home flooding, we knew we needed to create something unlike anything else on the market. We are the first company to introduce a sump pump product with a triplex sump pump system. Why? Simply put: because three pumps are better than one. 


When it comes to protecting homes from water damage, there is no such thing as too many redundancies. There are many problems that can occur with your sump pump that causes it to fail. With three pumps, DriBot not only is prepared for unexpected pump failure, but it can also pump three times the amount of water out of your basement due to its ability to run all three pumps simultaneously.  

DriBot is more than a sump pump and we are more than just a company.
We want to solve a problem because we care.