There's nothing worse than seeing a major rain storm approaching your home and wondering if your sump pump will be up to the challenge. With DriBot's automatic monthly pump tests, you can be confident that we have you covered. DriBot tests pumps, control valves, backup batteries, and more to ensure full functionality. You also have the option to run your own test at any time by pushing a button on the DriBot touchscreen or using the DriBot mobile app.

You DOn't Lift A Finger

Did you know that sump pumps should be tested every 3 to 4 months at a minimum? Traditionally, this involves filling a bucket with water, dumping it into your sump pit, and watching and waiting until your sump pit empties. With DriBot, you don't lift a finger. Once a month, DriBot will automatically run its own test and send you an alert to let you know if your sump pump is operating normally.  

Don't treat your sump pump like a lightbulb and replace it after it fails.
By auto-testing, DriBot notifies you to replace before it fails.