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Why work at dribot?

The story of DriBot. DriBot started just as all great products and companies start - by developing a solution to a problem. The concept of DriBot emerged after owner, Tom Ward, and several team members decided to apply 20+ years of expertise in the municipal water monitoring industry into a new residential water monitoring product. Many team members, including Tom, have previously experienced home flooding and all the stress and financial burden that comes with water damage restoration. That’s why we designed DriBot, a flood prevention appliance capable of multiple flood prevention functions. DriBot is first an advanced sump pump system, but it also has options to monitor and detect home water lines. These functions are technology strides towards changing the way homeowners protect against flooding and other sources of water damage.

We are a small company with big ideas. We are just at the beginning of our growth as a company and operate in many ways like a start-up, though many team members are involved in the operation of two other successful companies commonly owned by Tom (OmniSite and PumpAlarm). Our goals for DriBot include rapidly scaling over the next 2-5 years. With opportunities to advance and make significant contributions in all roles, now is the time to join the DriBot team! 

We aren’t your average workplace. We are a forward-thinking company that wants to keep our team happy, healthy, and engaged. To attract top talent, we offer competitive pay, superior health benefits, employee lunches, workout classes, and a company 401(k) with match. If you are looking for a casual but challenging work environment, DriBot may be for you!


Free Weekly Gourmet Lunch

Our in-house Experience Director prepares lunch once a week in our on-premise gourmet cafe. Lunches often have a fun theme and include an optional wine pairing for staff members 21+.

401k MatcH

Both full-time and part-time employees are given the option to receive up to 5% contribution match on a 401K plan. 


No more excuses to skip the gym. At DriBot, you have the option to workout on-the-clock twice per week in our onsite instructor-led exercise classes.

HEalth Benefits

All full-time employees have access to superior medical, dental and vision health plans.

An open and Collaborative Environment

With an open-office setting, employees are encouraged to connect, problem-solve, and bring new ideas to the table. All input for new product features, process improvement, and more are welcomed.


Employees are treated unlimited coffee and tea stations. Just let our Experience Director know your favorite K-Cup flavors and we'll keep it stocked.

Finance Club

Join the DriBot finance club that meets quarterly. Learn from industry professionals about the best ways to save money, how to prepare for retirement, and how to achieve your optimum financial wellness.

Free BikeShare

Our offices are just a quick bike ride from downtown, Fountain Square, IUPUI campus, and more. Whether you need to pedal from work to class or want to go offsite for a quick lunch, use the free DriBot bikeshare to get you there.