The Basement Is No Longer A Cellar

April 23, 2019

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It’s there in the title. The basement is no longer a cellar. 

Think back to visiting your grandparents or great grandparents. Did they have a finished basement? Probably not. Do you or some of your friends have a finished basement? The chances of people in your network owning homes with finished basements today is high.

There is a continuing rise in the number of finished basements being built in the US. This is for many reasons, one being the cost-effectiveness for home builders to add square footage onto homes via a basement. Regardless of the key reasons, it is irrefutable that concrete floors and cinderblock walls are being replaced with carpeting and painted drywall. Shelves lined with canned goods are being swapped for extravagant, fully stocked bars and pool tables. Large, plush recliners sit before big screen, LCD TVs and fully-loaded speaker systems. The days of basements serving only as storage spaces full of cobwebs and strange odors are gone. 

So why are we still protecting basements as if they were just cellars? 

The problem with carpeting and expensive toys in the basement is that basements flood and, depending on the home, they may flood often. The cost for flood restoration and replacing damaged items can be expensive. Plus, health concerns like mold and mildew growth resulting from water damage are something homeowners must not overlook. There’s a reason old root cellars were left unfinished and it’s flooding. 

We’ve got news for you though – Basements don’t have to flood.

Meet DriBot, the revolutionary new system to replace your outdated sump pump and give your finished basement the protection it needs and deserves. From groundwater infiltration to a leaky faucet, DriBot actively prevents flooding by detecting leaks, automatically shutting off your primary water valve in an emergency, kicking on dual backup batteries during a power outage, and more. Coupled with text message alerts, preventative maintenance, and a team with over 20 years in the water monitoring industry, DriBot is an appliance that revolutionizes the way basements and homes are protected from costly water damage.

Basements are changing. The way we protect them should be changing too!

Want to learn how to protect your modern basement in the most effective, modern way using DriBot?