10 Home Projects for Quarantine

December 11, 2020

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1. Clean

The number one, and most obvious home renovation project for quarantine, is to clean. We don’t mean to tidy up, we mean a deep clean. Get into all of the nooks and crannies. Clean your bathrooms, kitchen, and anywhere else that accumulates a lot of filth. 

2. Landscaping

Dig out all of those old weeds, plant some new flowers, and even start a garden. Gardening has become a very popular activity during quarantine, so hop on the trend! Head to the store and pick out some fun fruits and vegetables to grow. Add some new floral arrangements in the yard to have something to show for all of that time on your hands. Getting into the colder months? Prep your yard for winter by raking up leaves and digging out old plants and bushes.  

3. Paint

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to add an accent wall into your bedroom or to give your walls a fresh coat of paint, now is the time. Touch up any marks on the walls or fix any holes or scratches. Is the color of your kitchen boring and outdated? Now is the time to change it. 

4. Switch Up the Décor

Now that you’ve been spending so much time at home, you may be bored with your living space. Redecorating is always a fun activity. Take all of those old decorations out of the living room or bedroom and replace them with new ones. 

5. Rearrange Furniture

Don't have the budget to redecorate? Rearrange your furniture! Play around with the space that you have and switch up the room. Changing the scenery can really benefit your overall happiness.

6. Declutter/Reorganize

Open up those closet doors and get underneath that bed. Pull everything out and start from scratch. A great way to organize is to purchase clear plastic bins. That way, you can have everything separated but still visible, and have optimal space. 

7. Switch Out Your Photos

How long have you had that picture of your 25-year-old son at his 5th birthday party hanging on the wall? It's a good time to switch out the old photos for newer, more updated ones!

8. Change Out the Furnace Filter

It’s probably time to switch out your furnace filter. This very simple, quick task is often times overlooked and procrastinated, but is good practice for home maintenance.

9. Replace Lightbulbs

Are you bored? Replace those old lightbulbs! Switch out your old lightbulbs for brighter, longer lasting, energy-saving LED ones. It’s an easy task that will still leave you feeling very accomplished. 

10. Upgrade Appliances 

How old is that toaster oven that only works if the cord hanging at a precise angle? It's time to switch out your old, half working appliances for new ones. Got a sump pump? DriBot is a great upgrade to the old sump pump that’s in your basement. With its tri-plex pump system, backup batteries, and optional waterline monitoring, DriBot helps protect your home - and all your home projects - from water damage. Want to learn more about DriBot? Visit www.dribot.com.