10 Facts About Floods In the USA

November 5, 2020

1. No state is safe
A flood can happen in all 50 states across America. Even though flooding is more prevalent in some states than others, you should never count out the possibility.

2. Flood insurance is very important
Unfortunately, flood damage is rarely covered by homeowner's insurance. If you have a basement and don't think you will ever have an issue with flooding, we suggest that you still take the necessary precautions. 

3. A car can be washed away by as little of 2 feet of water
Additionally, as little of 6 inches of moving water can sweep you off of your feet!

4. Standing floods can be just as dangerous as floods resulting in moving water
Standing floods can be extremely dangerous. If the water is electrically charged, coming in contact with it could be catastrophic. 

5. Flood coverage does not have to be expensive
In some communities that are more prone to flooding, flood coverage can be cheaper than if you went through a private issuer. The National Flood Insurance Program makes this possible. 

6. Flood damage is expensive
The damages caused by floods could be greater than $50,000 for a 2,000 square foot home with approximately 12 inches of water. 

7. Floods are one of the most common natural disasters in the United States
Floods can happen at any point in the year, in any area, making them far more frequent than any other natural disaster. Floods result in some of the highest number of deaths, injuries, and property damage, compared to other natural disasters. 

8. Some causes of floods are more common than others
The two most common causes of floods are heavy rainfall and overflowing rivers. However, floods can also be cause by rapidly melting snow and ice, a lack of vegetation, the damage of a dam, and more. 

9. Getting 100% compensation for flood damage is not likely
Government issued policies do not typically cover everything. Additionally, not every item you lose will be able to be replaced at its original value. 

10. DriBot is a great way to prevent flooding in your home's basement
It's true that there are some floods that cannot be prevented. For the ones that can, DriBot is a reliable, easy way to prevent flooding. It has advanced technologies that not only help prevent flooding, but it also sends you important data and updates directly to your phone. DriBot has many features such as a triplex pump system for triple the pumping capacity and dual backup batteries in case of a power outage. For more about DriBot, visit www.dribot.com. 

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