Dribot, LLC was formed in 2018 to begin development of what is now known as the DriBot Home Flood Prevention Appliance. Company owner, Tom Ward, operates two other commonly-owned businesses: PumpAlarm and OmniSite. Both companies are centered around remote water monitoring technology just like DriBot, which provided great insight into design and development of this residential product. The DriBot team is excited to share this home flood prevention appliance with home builders and homeowners so we can help put a stop to the common causes for home water damage. Continue reading to learn more about how the DriBot product concept emerged.

Sump pumps have become a common fixture in homes over the past several decades. One major problem with traditional sump pumps is their limited lifespan. Homeowners often don't know their pump has gone bad until a water event or crisis occurs and they need it most. Pump failure regularly leads to thousands of dollars in water damage repair. In addition to sump pump issues, there are common water damage problems which you can't always identify right away like leaking pipes, running toilets, leaky sinks, and more. These, along with many other common and uncommon issues, can lead to home water damage.

At DriBot, we refuse to accept this outdated style of home water damage prevention. Our DriBot technology starts with an advanced sump pump system unlike any other traditional system. Plus, DriBot has additional options like the Water Module for monitoring home drinking water lines and the DriBot Mobile App for viewing live information about your DriBot. With these abilities, DriBot can simultaneously act as a highly effective sump pump, emergency water shutoff valve, remote alert system, and much more. DriBot is on guard 24/7, sending text and email alerts if an issue is detected. 
We aim to change the way you think about protecting your home from water damage and give you some peace of mind during the process. 

Our DriBot team is proud to offer you the highest quality engineered and assembled home flood prevention product on the market! 


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